How To Buy A Tiny House Online

If you are looking to downsize and simplify your life, a tiny house could be the perfect solution. These days, we buy everything online so it just makes sense that you can purchase both new and used micro homes for when you need a change of pace. While these aren’t entirely customizable, this option allows for you to get a more budget-friendly and ready to live in a tiny home in a short time span. Here is how you can buy a tiny house via the internet.

You Can Buy a Tiny House on Amazon

Amazon is the convenient way we buy everything from household goods to pet supplies, but did you know that you can also purchase tiny homes? It’s true! Both traditional tiny homes and shipping containers are available on this popular site. While the completed homes aren’t available for 2-day free prime shipping, you will pay both the fee for the tiny house and a shipping cost of a few thousand dollars. Some houses and cabins on the website come in kits that you can assemble yourself. You can purchase these tiny home kits at a lesser price and shipping costs. Prepare yourself to put in some elbow grease before you can call it home.

Find Construction Companies Online

Construction companies who specialize in building tiny homes can sometimes build and send you these homes to your doorstep. Look into these options from builders like Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. There are different floor plans and square footage options available to fit everyone’s needs. Many times, you can find 3D walkthroughs on the websites so that you can view every square inch of your potential new home before you purchase it.

Look for Used Homes in Your Area

Community sites like Craigslist are great resources if you are looking to get into your new tiny home quickly. Those who are looking to move on from their current tiny home can sell them on similar sites as well like eBay. Buying your new home this way can often be a faster process because the people selling usually are in your area and can make the exchange within days of initially talking. While a majority of these homes are ready to move in as soon as you buy, you are able to put your own spin on them if need be. It’s common for new buyers of previously owned tiny homes to make modifications like changing the countertops or flooring. You can also find individuals who can craft tiny homes and sell them on Etsy. These homes can come new or used and even partially customized if need be.

Are Tiny Homes More Affordable Than Traditional Homes?

When it comes to the cost comparison of tiny vs full-sized homes, tiny homes often come out as the more affordable option. These compact dwellings require less material and land, resulting in lower construction costs. Additionally, their small size translates to reduced utility, maintenance, and property tax bills. Embracing the minimalist lifestyle can provide financial freedom for those seeking affordable housing solutions.

A New Lifestyle

The internet has changed the way you can buy a tiny house. You can browse all your options online from the comfort of your own space and get it delivered straight to you. Changing your life to tiny home living has never been more convenient or easy. Coze Living is your one-stop shop for all information and history regarding tiny house living. Take a look at our blog for more tiny home advice and tips.