Essential Items That Will Make Your Tiny Home More Comfortable Year-Round

The tiny house movement is very popular right now and the trend continues to gain notoriety. Simple living is becoming more of a priority for individuals. A tiny home ends up being more energy efficient, cheaper, and reduces unnecessary waste. Make your tiny home comfortable year-round by adding essential items discussed in this article.

Energy Efficient Windows

When owning a tiny home, energy efficiency is a must. The cost of energy is rising rapidly. Earth’s environment is significantly impacted every day by the carbon emissions and pollution that is released. One of the major benefits of a tiny home is the opportunity you have to decrease your carbon footprint. Invest in energy efficient windows for your home. Energy efficient windows will provide a better seal from the exterior, keeping your home warm and reducing energy costs. When you invest in energy efficient windows, you will save energy and increase comfort with windows that are durable. Most energy efficient windows are also built with green building materials.

Smart Storage

Enjoying life in a tiny home requires an abundance of storage space. Even with living minimally, there will still be areas where you need to store items, so they do not make you feel stressed or cramped inside your home. Finding smart storage solutions will help you clear the clutter and stay organized. Invest in storage boxes that fix easily underneath beds. These can store clothing out of season, extra blankets, and other materials easily. You can also use your walls to help with storage, adding shelf dividers and wall mounted shelves. Planning for and organizing adequate storage in a tiny home is essential.

Radiant Heating

When building a tiny home, figuring out what type of heating to use will make a major impact on your comfort. Heating is what makes your home functional. Radiant heating is a popular installation in tiny homes. The heat comes from within the floor, warming everything it touches. As the heat warms what it touches, it then warms the air. Walking around your home provides a consistent temperature. With radiant heating, you can actually keep your set temperature lower because the heat is more efficient at evenly heating your home. Radiant heating also naturally pushes out moisture from the floor, protecting the integrity of your home’s foundation. Radiant heating proves to be more comfortable and energy efficient for tiny home owners.

Gas Appliances

Many tiny homes use gas to power their appliances. Gas is widely available and affordable. You can use 120-gallon tanks to fuel your stove and other gas appliances. Gas also lets you go off the grid if power is cut or you want to get away. There are various gas appliances that are made compact to easily fit inside your home. These gas appliances are recognized for their reliability and heat control, making any meal a masterpiece. Invest in gas appliances to make tiny home living easy and affordable.

Quality Lighting

One of the downsides of a tiny home is how small your space can feel. When you optimize lighting for your tiny home, you open the space. Lighting can make a space feel bigger, brighter, and more cheerful. Lighting can significantly change the feel of your home and its usability. Consider using light to separate living areas. For example, you can create bright workspace light for the kitchen area and use softer light in the living areas. Recessed lights will also make your ceiling feel taller and give you more space to operate day to day. Windows are also a great way to open your home and bring in natural light for a fresh feel.

Washer and Dryer Combo

Unless you plan on visiting a laundromat weekly, you need to consider purchasing a washer and dryer for your tiny house. Many washing systems are large and difficult to find space for in a tiny home. Some owners choose to only have a washer, then use a drying rack to dry the clothing inside or outside the home. This can be a complicated process and take up a lot of living space on wash day. Consider investing in a washer and dryer combo. Washer and dryer combo appliances are a space-saving 2-in-1 solution. Wash and dry your laundry with one appliance that easily fits inside your tiny home. Make your day more efficient and your space more enjoyable with a washer and dryer combo.

Insulate Properly

Proper insulation is vital to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature year-round. Insulation also helps you reduce utility costs, keeping the cool air inside in the summer and retains warm air in the winter. A small home can fluctuate in temperature quickly. Outside elements have a bigger impact on smaller spaces. Use quality materials for insulating your tiny home. Spray foam, recycled denim or wood, fiberglass, and Styrofoam are excellent materials for insulating your home and protecting it from the elements.

Install Solar Panels

Most individuals living in a tiny home enjoy the minimalist lifestyle. They also enjoy being eco-friendly and taking care of their environment. Whether being eco-friendly is at the top of your priorities or not, you can experience great benefits from installing solar panels on your tiny home. Solar panels can be installed for as little as $10,000. The energy you generate is eco-friendly and the excess can be sold to an energy company for additional profit. Perhaps the greatest advantage of having your own solar energy is the ability to live independently. The tax cuts that stem from solar energy are an additional benefit for many. Installing solar panels makes you independent, efficient, and saves you quite a bit of money long-term.

Tiny homes are less expensive than traditional homes in terms of taxes, energy use and maintenance. Tiny homes offer a more sustainable lifestyle. The lifestyle you live inside a tiny home does not have to be comfortless. Invest in these essential items to make your tiny home comfortable year-round.

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