How To Host A Party At Your Tiny Home

Have you ever thought your home was too small to entertain? Whenever the opportunity arises, you’re likely to break into a cold sweat, haunted by visions of people crammed into the tiny living room like sardines gasping for air.

Worry no more. As an increasingly higher proportion of us are now living in tiny homes, slightly-crowded entertaining is now the norm. If you want to know how to host a party in a tiny house, we’ve got you covered.

As long as you’re willing to be a little bit more creative, there’s no reason why your studio apartment pre-game shouldn’t feel like a Great Gatsby-style mansion party. Here are some top tips on hosting a party at your tiny home.

How to Host a Party: Drinks

No matter what kind of tiny house you might have, you can always have room for a fully-fitted bar, as long as you know the right tricks. Hosting a party at home needn’t feel any different from drinks at the trendiest cocktail bar in town, and you probably have the right materials at home already.

A little resourcefulness can turn anything into a decent bar; a bookshelf, coffee table, and end table all make top-notch drinks dispensaries and saves on space. Drinks placement is also key; Elle recommends placing drinks for your guests in unusual spots to save on space. Cocktails in the bedroom can be a surprisingly fun, memorable and economical way to entertain your guests.


You might want to prep your small party by decorating it in a more festive manner. You don’t need enough space for a baby grand and a candelabra to pull this off with panache.

This first thing you should do is clear the room. If there’s any furniture taking up unnecessary space, see if you can drop it off with a neighbor for the night, or just shove it under your bed. This means saying goodbye to your all the weird and wonderful trinkets you brought along once you’d finished building your tiny home.

Once everything that isn’t conducive to a good time is out of the building, it’s time to get creative. Anything else can easily be re-purposed as a festive piece of decor; try filling the trash can with balloons and streamers, wrapping fairy lights around everything, or sticking with one small but effective piece, like a disco ball.


You want to throw a party to remember, and that means more than your guests just standing around admiring your handiwork. If it’s a good party, things are going to get mobile, so make sure there’s enough room to boogie. If you are lucky enough to have a backyard or balcony, then this is the obvious bet for your disco dance floor.

If not, you can use the space you have. Push furniture to the edges of the room, create a clearly identifiable dance area, and you’re all set!

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