How Much Does a Tiny House Cost?

The allure of the tiny house trend is both aesthetically pleasing and economically attractive. Smaller house, smaller footprint, and lower costs. That’s the plan, at least. Just how much does a tiny house cost, though?

If you’re talking the median cost per square foot of new home construction, in 2016 it was $101.72. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a tiny home on a budget. Tiny homes are as diverse as the personalities who construct them.

Deciding what you want and what you really need in your home can help reduce costs. Tiny homeowners often fall into the trap of building a home that is filled with too many features. You can start simple and expand capabilities later to save on construction costs.

Let’s take a look at tiny costs and how they all add up.

Contrasting Tiny and Big Houses

When talking about tiny houses, the actual cost belies what is written on paper. Part of this reason is because of what you fill a tiny house with, not how big it is. Murphy beds, foldout desks, collapsible shelves, etc. The more hybrid furniture and convertible interior designs, the higher the build cost.

Appliances are another way that tiny house costs can balloon beyond anticipation. You won’t be saving much on smaller stoves, fridges, or counter-top appliances. Creative storage solutions are another necessary, but costly addition. These are things you must consider when building a tiny home.

Building a Tiny Home from Scratch

A large portion of the costs associated with building a tiny house comes from contractors’ fees and building materials. What if you could substantially reduce or eliminate these costs? By building the tiny house with your own hands (and close friends or family), you can cut those costs in half.

The DIY approach relies on salvaged materials, second-hand items, and cheaper handyman labor, not contractors. Even still, you need to know what you’re doing, or you may end up with a home that you’re not completely happy with.

Buy a Pre-built Tiny House?

Because the tiny house craze has hit such high levels of saturation, there is a steady supply of pre-built homes. Even though you’re not able to control every single aspect of these homes, you can still customize them. This is definitely an option worth considering for those will no home building experience.

You can expect these base models to start at $50k or less. Most of these homes are at least 20 feet long, though. This is a lot larger than when they first started catching on. The average length of tiny homes a decade ago was only 16-18 feet, not it’s more like 20-24 feet.

Calculate How Much Does a Tiny House Cost

Answering “how much does a tiny house cost”? is tricky for any realtor. For one, the market is still very new. The cost of a tiny home is really dependent on too many variables and personal needs.

The tiny house movement was started on sustainability. This became attractive for all sorts of people, college students, retirees, and low-income families. It’s also unique in a romantic, private cottage sort of way.

Whatever your reason is for wanting a tiny house, you should make it a reality. If you need more help in deciding how one will compliment your life, contact us. We’re all about making life easier and Coze.