How To Pull Off Small House Living With Your Large Family

There is so much appeal to living in a tiny house. The thought of a smaller carbon footprint, spending less money every month on bills, and living with less has a draw to it that many people can’t resist.

But people with larger families question whether or not they can make a tiny housework for them. And while it’s true that living in a tiny space with a large family proposes a challenge, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

So if you’re wondering how small house living works with a large family, read on to learn more!

Use Your Vertical Space

There are so many different things you can stack in different ways to make better use of the space around you.

If you have children, they will have to share a room if you decide to transition to a smaller space. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t still live a happy life. Many children who grow up sharing a room with their siblings look back on that time with happy memories.

You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional bunk beds where two beds stacked on top of each other. You could construct them to fit as many as you can while still keeping a comfortable amount of sleeping space for your children. Also, you could place their beds side by side, or have children share larger beds, to maximize your sleep space.

This is also true for shelving. While children who share a room often feel like they have no space of their own, you can give them each a specific shelf to keep their things on. The taller children get the shelves higher up, and so on.

Your Kitchen Space

When it comes to small house living, you need to make the best use out of every single inch of space you have. That includes keeping it tight in the kitchen.

You’ll want to use up all of your vertical space as well as making room for everything under your counters so things are better hidden away. Put shelves and baskets everywhere you can and remember to keep it minimal, having less space means having fewer things. And that can be a good thing.


When you have a large family, it seems like someone always has to use the bathroom. And while there isn’t a way to get slow down our body’s functions because we live in a small place, there are ways to make use of the space.

Put hooks along the doors to hang up clothes and bathroom accessories. Keep your medicine cabinet cleaned out and well organized and make use of the space behind the toilet to store your cleaning supplies and extra toilet paper. You can even add shelves with baskets to keep this area looking beautiful without compromising its functionality.

And as far as spending too much time in the bathroom, you can give each child a timer and let them know that they only have so much time to use to shower every day because there are other people who have

Store Your Furniture

Some of the things that take up the most room in our homes are beds and tables. Consider trundle beds and murphy beds to make more space for other things. Also, using couches that fold out into a bed is a great way to make your space multi-functional.

You can use this same thought for your kitchen table. Find a table that you can fold into the wall to keep it stored when you’re not using it. And while it may not be the most attractive idea, buying a portable table and keeping it stored behind a sofa is a great way to keep your living space open.

Store in Your Furniture

We already mentioned how a fold out bed is one way to use your furniture for storage, there are many other ways to keep that idea going as well.

You can use ottomans to store blankets and other things that you don’t use as much. Install shelves between your end table’s legs and use them for books.

There are tons of different ways to store things in a beautiful way.

Small House Living

While small house living might not be for everyone, having a big family doesn’t disqualify you from trying it out. And even if you decide that small house living isn’t for you, everyone benefits when they learn to live more simple and make due with what they have.

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