5 Tiny House Kitchen Layouts You’ll Fall In Love With

As of a 2015 report, the average size of a new American home is 2,687 square feet. Though new trends when building a home is open floor plans and big kitchens, not everyone has the same taste.

Whether you are building a home for the first time and don’t have a big kitchen in your budget or you like things tinier, we have kitchen layouts that you’ll love. Here are 5 layouts for a tiny house kitchen you’ll wish you knew about before. Continue reading to learn more!

1. One Wall Kitchens

Not everyone is a baker or top chef and needs big, open kitchens with a lot of cabinet space. For someone who needs a kitchen for basic functions, the one wall kitchen might fit your needs best.

These are often found in studio apartments and work for open-plan spaces, which is perfect for houses that are on the tiny side. The layout is just as it sounds – you’ll find everything from your sink, fridge, and dishwasher on the same wall. If you like to cook and prep, be warned – this layout does lack counter space.

2. Galley Kitchen Layout

Galley kitchens are popular in one and sometimes two-bedroom apartments. The layout looks like a hallway with two parallel walls, creating more space for living areas and bedrooms. Though these can feel small and confining, there are ways to open it up.

Instead of lining one wall with all cabinets, consider replacing it with shelving. This will open the space up while still giving you storage options. If you have a pantry area, store your bigger items or groceries used less frequently in there to free up counter space.

3. Horseshoe Layout

The horseshoe layout is perfect for any sized kitchen and offers under-the-counter storage and lots of counter space! If you need to work in a smaller space this layout, also known as the U-shaped layout, can be more narrow or wider depending on your needs. For more counter space or prep room, rolling islands are the perfect option.

4. Peninsula Layout

The peninsula layout, also referred to as the G-shaped kitchen, is similar to a U-shaped kitchen but has an extra counter which extends out from the wall. The extra counter is perfect to use as a seating area with a few barstools, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

5. L-Shaped Kitchen

Picture a galley kitchen layout except where the closed cabinetry and walls are there are counters. Welcome to an L-shaped kitchen; this layout sits counters on two perpendicular walls with a single corner, leaving the rest of your kitchen open.

We know not every L-shaped kitchen will have the open space, so if your kitchen faces a wall use the opportunity to make more storage or dining space. Install a floating shelf like we suggested earlier for the galley kitchen.

Tiny House Kitchen Layouts

Not everyone can start off building their dream home. Just because you are starting off small doesn’t mean you have to give up space and style. These tiny house kitchen layouts are perfect to suit your needs and give you space where you most need it.

Whether this is for your starter home, retirement home, or your forever home, make sure its the home you love. For more information on tiny houses, check out our website. Have questions? Contact us!