Building a Tiny House? Here Are 3 Ways to Make it Pop

If you are thinking about constructing a tiny house or moving into one, there are several design details you can use to enhance its appeal. Keeping proportions in mind is key to finding the right details to add to your home. Here are three ideas you might want to consider incorporating into your tiny home.

Add Hardwood Siding

Adding decorative cladding to your home serves two purposes. On the one hand, effective rain screen siding can help weatherproof your home. On the other, high-density hardwood cladding adds interest to an otherwise boring home exterior. Mataverde explains that natural wood cladding adds warm visual appeal and durability to any home. Wood siding is a great way to customize your tiny home so that it suits your style and sets your house apart from nearby homes. 

Include Plants

You can consider a window garden as well. These are a great way to add interest to the front of a house. They usually look best if their size is within a couple of inches of the size of your window. While plastic and terra cotta window boxes are often cheaper, wood window boxes can be stained to match the décor of your tiny home. Tarek and Christina explain, “plants add a colorful and welcoming vibe for homeowners and guests alike, and even if you aren’t an expert gardener, a hanging plant near the front door or some flower pots on the front deck can be a minimal effort.” You will need to consider the amount of water and light reaching each area so that you can choose appropriate plants. You can even put in herbs and vegetables that will furnish fresh food for your family’s dinner table.

Think About a Patio

Adding a patio to your tiny home is a great way to increase your home’s space. You can host larger parties there so friends don’t feel like they’re being squashed together. Consider building one from paver stones. Since a variety of shapes and sizes are available, you can show your artistic side. Think about adding a firepit to add even more visual interest. Plants in pots are a great way to define the space. As a final touch, set the mood for the patio by adding some lighting. Sonoma Backyard explains, “effective lighting around your patio will increase the amount of time you can utilize the area.”

There are many ways you can design the outside of your tiny home to add interest to it. Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to get started today. You’ll love living in your tiny house even more when you make the outdoor space more beautiful.