Am I Allowed to Keep a Gun Safe in a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes are part of a design movement sweeping across the country in which people downsize to smaller homes. Many tiny homeowners like the idea of homes on wheels that they can move, or they want to save money on a new home. One question you might have is whether you can keep a gun safe in your small home. As long as you have room in that home for one, you can use it to keep the weapons safely tucked away from kids and others.

State Laws

Most states have laws in place that require you to keep guns and other weapons in a container with a locking mechanism. You can opt for a biometric scanner that uses your fingerprint or eye to open the lock or one that relies on a basic key. Others have buttons with a numeric code that you must have to unlock the weapons. Child Access Prevention (CAP) laws are also found in some areas. These laws hold adults criminally responsible for incidents that occur where children have access to weapons. CAP laws usually come into play if you do not use a gun case and if you leave weapons sitting out.

Locked Up Properly

Using a sealed container isn’t the only way you can keep weapons locked up properly. You should keep the gun pointed with the muzzle away from anyone who enters the room. This means that if someone opens the container, the muzzle will face the wall or the back of the container. It’s also helpful to keep the ammunition that you use away from the gun. If someone finds that weapon, the individual will not know where you keep the bullets. Vedder says that the right accessories can help with proper storage; using gun storage properly can prevent an accident.

Weapon Safety

In addition to safely storing weapons around your home, says you can also teach kids how to use weapons. You can talk with your kids about those weapons and see if they want to learn how to shoot. Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges let kids handle weapons in a safe environment where you can check their skills. You’ll want to start with guns in sizes that are appropriate for your kids’ ages too.

There are many places where you can safely store guns in a tiny home, including inside your cabinets and underneath your bed and other furniture. You should always make sure that the laws in the states where you live and travel allow for gun safes.

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