Finishing Touches to Put on Your Tiny Home

So you’ve decided you want to live in a tiny home. There are plenty of benefits that come from choosing a tiny home, not the least of which is the money you can potentially save on utilities and the cost of the home itself. 

Tiny homes may be drastically different from regular homes in terms of size, but there is one area in which they should be the same: they should both feel like home. The right finishing touches can make that possible even in a tiny home.

Add Fixtures

It may seem a little strange to talk about adding things to a tiny home. After all, shouldn’t you be eliminating things given the comparative lack of space? While that is true in some cases, making sure your kitchen and bathroom have the right fixtures in the right places is essential to ensuring that these spaces are as functional as possible. 

Be smart about where you put your toilet in the bathroom. Pay attention to where you place fixtures like a kitchen sink, oven, stove, dishwasher, and fridge relative to one another. Careful placement will make you more efficient and more comfortable.

Paint Your Tiny Home

Tiny homes can be painted in any color, just like regular houses. Choosing the right colors for the interior and exterior of your home can make a huge difference in the atmosphere. Painting your tiny home with soft colors can make your home feel more inviting. Light colors can make spaces look bigger. 

Adding a strategically placed mirror to the wall amplifies light reflection, which gives the illusion of more room. That said, if you love a darker palette, don’t be afraid to dip into it. When used wisely with good lighting, dark colors can make a space feel cozier.

Personalize with Décor

The décor is arguably one of the most important finishing touches you can add to your home. It’s one of the best ways to personalize your space and make it feel like it’s yours. Because your space is limited, choose your pieces and their placement with care. Add pictures and figurines or sculptures to your wall with floating shelves. Bring some life into your home and create an illusion of height by hanging plants and greenery above eye level.

There may not be much space to spare in a tiny home, but don’t let that stop you from adding finishing touches that make it feel like home. Just be smart about your choices so you can make the most of the space you have. With careful thought and planning, tiny homes can be very comfortable places to live.

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