How to Improve the Mood in Your Tiny Home

“Tiny” homes do not have to be “uncomfortable” homes, where it is easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Using a few simple design strategies, you can boost the mood of your tiny home so that it feels like the bright and happy space you need it to be!

Use Bright Colors

Colors make a huge difference in the feel of a room—in fact, studies have shown direct correlations between certain colors and the moods they create or encourage. Warm colors, for example, like deep reds and oranges can increase one’s heart rate, stimulating excitement, passion, activity and even hunger! Bright blues and greens are calming, stress relieving, and can promote clarity and focus. Create the best mood for your room by utilizing color as a tool for cultivating the specific mood you want! Color is also a great way to express oneself and introduce visual interest into a space, meaning you can create a fun and welcoming area all your own with colorful elements of your choice.

More Natural Light

Invite as much natural light in as possible. Under natural light, the human body produces healthy levels of vitamin D… it also helps people to focus, creates healthy sleep patterns, and is believed to improve the production of serotonin (the happiness hormone) in your brain. Wherever possible and appropriate install windows! These are another opportunity for aesthetic design while serving a functional and helpful purpose. Look into the various types of window fixtures that will fit best with your home. Picture windows bring natural light into a room in an energy efficient way. Skylights and bay windows, also, are large enough to allow significant amounts of light in throughout the day.

Plant Life

Indoor plants have been proven to improve your mood naturally! Plant life is a natural air purifier: it cycles through the air in your enclosed space, and can pull out detrimental toxins and then replace them with clean oxygen. Furthermore, plants give off natural vitamins that promote a healthy immune system! Finally, the bright colors and the living-aspect of indoor plants help boost energy levels for the homeowner. Many even find that caring for plants becomes a therapeutic and rewarding hobby that they love! Whether you choose a plant that requires a lot of attention and care, or a low maintenance plant used mostly for visual appeal, you can find plant life that will complement your home and lifestyle perfectly.

Make the most of your tiny home by using these little elements of design to promote healthy, happy living!

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