Great Options for Heating a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular as people across the country are downsizing and looking to build a simpler and more portable life. Having a great tiny home is all about maximizing space and saving on general needs for a home. When it comes to keeping your tiny home warm, there are plenty of options, you just need to find the right one for your needs.

Space Heaters

Because tiny homes are such small spaces, they can actually be very efficiently heated with only a space heater. These small electric heaters will fit well in your tiny space, won’t require any special set up, and can be moved into a storage area when they aren’t in use. These factors all make them a great option for heating a tiny home. Space heaters are also very portable, so you could easily move it to a specific part of your tiny home to heat it during the night and adjust the settings, so it doesn’t put out more heat than necessary. A space heater can be a surprisingly effective way to heat your tiny home all winter long.

A Fireplace

If a space heater isn’t really your speed, or doesn’t work for your design, a fireplace can be a great method of heating a tiny space that adds style as well as function. A fireplace can also be run very cheaply which makes it a great place to have some savings in your tiny home project.

It is a good idea to make your fireplace more efficient to maximize your savings and the heat you’re producing. You can increase efficiency by choosing the wood carefully, insulating your house well, and using your dampener to decrease the heat that is lost in your home through the fireplace.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is another great option for heating your tiny home. It is especially great because generally heat pumps can also be used to cool your home during hotter months, so you won’t need a separate air condition. The heat pump is generally installed on the outside of your home which saves space indoors and pulls warm air into your home even when the weather is cold. Heat pumps generally run by using electricity which is usually pretty easy to arrange since you are already pulling in electricity to power the other elements of your tiny home. The heat pump doesn’t actually generate heat, instead it pulls heat from the environment around it and then circulates that heat, this makes it a more efficient option for a tiny home.

Gas Heaters

A gas heater is a more traditional way to heat a home, but it can work well in your tiny home as well. Gas tends to be inexpensive and efficient, especially if your tiny home is on the larger side of the spectrum. Gas heaters will generally require more integration into your home, but that also means that you will likely have very effective heating that is consistent and keeps your whole space feeling comfortable throughout the winter. Learning to use your gas heater efficiently will help you to get the most out of your tiny home, especially when the weather gets cold.

A Pellet or Wood Stove

A pellet or wood stove is a great and often attractive way to heat your tiny home. One of the main benefits of this kind of heat source is that it adds a personal and stylish element to your home that can make your tiny space feel more comfortable and inviting.

If you are looking to leave less of a carbon footprint, pellet stoves can be awesome options because the pellets themselves are often made of food waste and other things that would generally be thrown away. The upfront costs are a little less than a fireplace, and they tend to be much more efficient.

Propane Heater

Like a gas heater, propane heaters can be great options for your tiny homes, though they require less integration and can be much less expensive. A propane heating option is a great way to keep costs down through the winter and allows you to stay off the grid. Refilling the propane tank is easy and inexpensive, but they can be less good at distributing heat than some of the other heating options you have available. For many people, the cost benefits and ease of use make a propane heater a great option for their tiny home.

A Mini Split

A mini split is another heating and cooling unit that can be a really great choice for any tiny home. Because a mini split doesn’t require ducting and can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, they are an easy addition to any tiny home and don’t add much work.

Mini splits do tend to be expensive to purchase, but they are incredibly efficient and will save you money all year long. They can take up more space than other heaters, but because they can also cool your home, they still remain a good option for many tiny home users.

A Radiator

Radiators are an old school option that actually makes for a great edition to the modern tiny home. One of the main benefits of a radiator is that they are highly portable, so you can take them out of your space when you aren’t using them. They do run on electricity, so you need to stay on the grid, but they are a tried-and-true method of heating that works well and produces heat easily. Investing in a radiator can be a great option for any tiny home that will have easy access to electricity.

Heating your tiny home is a small hurdle with plenty of options for solving it. No matter how you decide to heat your tiny home, it is sure to be much more economical than heating a normal house, and it can be arranged to fit your particular style and needs, whatever they may be.

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