Tiny Home Add-Ons You Should Consider

Minimizing, downsizing, simplifying–that’s what the tiny house movement is all about. Of course there are other tiny house advantages to consider, like avoiding excessive amounts of debt, and focusing on what is most important in life. But one of the greatest benefits of a tiny home is that you can customize it completely to your preferences. Just because you live in a tiny home doesn’t mean you have to compromise the things that you most enjoy. So, though the tiny house mindset is often about being minimalist, there are still many details and add-ons you should consider!


Perhaps the first add-on you should consider for your tiny home is wheels. Turn your tiny home into a mobile home with the capacity to move wherever you wish. Tiny houses on wheels are the perfect way to travel and live in style. There are a variety of homes on wheels you can purchase, or you can choose to add the wheels and hitch with your mechanical expert. The biggest advantage of having a tiny home on wheels is that you can pick up and live anywhere you want. If you have a goal to travel the country and visit every state, you can actually do that from the comfort of your own tiny home!


Solar Panels

Most individuals living in a tiny home enjoy the minimalist lifestyle. They also enjoy being eco-friendly and taking care of their environment. Whether being eco-friendly is at the top of your priorities or not, you can experience great benefits from installing solar panels on your tiny home. Solar panels can be installed for as little as $10,000. Generated solar energy is a great way to conserve energy, live independently, and even sell back excess energy for an additional profit. The tax cuts that stem from solar energy are an additional benefit for many homeowners. Installing solar panels makes you independent, efficient, and saves you quite a bit of money long-term.


A Loft

Many individuals unfamiliar with tiny home living fail to recognize the additional space they have above their heads. You can take advantage of the vertical space in your tiny home by adding a loft. This place could turn into your bedroom, a reading nook, or a storage area. Depending on the space available, to access the loft you may consider adding steps or ladders for the access point. Some homes only use ladders to save on space, while some owners find it easier to use stairs that have storage underneath! The benefit of lofts is that they are cozy and offer beautiful views of both the house and the outdoors.


A Small Deck or Porch

As an extension of your tiny home, you can build a small, practical deck or porch. A deck can improve your lifestyle and add some more space to have guests over, and don’t forget about the added benefit of fresh air! When you add a deck, it acts as a bridge between the outdoor and indoor living space. Make the transition flawless by creating steps or levels that you can transition in and out of the house from. Doing this will help you create spaces within those levels for you to enjoy on different occasions, and help those with tiny houses that want to enjoy more space.

An Outdoor Living Space

Part of enjoying the outdoors should include designating multipurpose outdoor living spaces. Either on your deck, patio, or elsewhere, you can plan to have multiple ways to sit back and socialize with others. Part of making these spaces multipurpose means choosing furniture that can accommodate multiple uses. For example, your patio can serve as your outdoor kitchen, dining and living rooms. When you create a space that can be occupied just as easily as your indoor living space, you are much more likely to spend time outdoors in open spaces and fresh air. And really, isn’t that what tiny house living is all about?


An Outdoor Kitchen

Your interior kitchen is perfect for making simple meals year-round. However, if you ever host a party or want to mix things up a bit, you may consider creating an outdoor kitchen. Designing and building an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to cook and entertain. This space does not need to be big; you can install a stove or grill area with small counter space nearby. A firepit can also be an entertaining way to cook and socialize during warm months. No matter how many guests you have over, there will always be plenty of space for entertaining outside.


A Rooftop Platform

Adding a rooftop platform or deck is another excellent, not to mention fun, way to utilize the space your home provides. When building your platform, keep inspiration pictures in mind for what you want the area to look like. You also need to consider access points, safety features, and the primary use for this area. Whether you choose to enjoy this area sipping your morning coffee, watching the sunset, or relaxing yoga, this can be the perfect place for you to get away without leaving your home.


Lots of Natural Light

When you have lots of natural light pouring in it helps an individual feel like their space is more open and friendly. Simply, light makes a space feel bigger. When you are considering the space in your tiny home, you can make it feel more open by adding lots of natural light and windows. A skylight, multiple windows throughout the home, or even a glass door can go a long way in brightening up your space. During the night, you may consider adding different types of lighting, like canned lighting, that does not hang down but provides plenty of light for individuals.


With the increasing popularity of tiny homes, add-on features will also increase. Even now there are endless features you can add to your home to make it more unique and suitable for your needs! Keep in mind, the purpose of a tiny home is to downsize, but the features you do add can serve multiple purposes. Spend less and live more intentionally while also loving every minute of it with the add-ons you enjoy!


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