What to Look for When Hiring a Tiny Home Builder

Are you considering making the big switch to tiny living for a more fulfilling, purposeful life? While tiny homes are not necessarily the right thing for everyone, more times than not it is the best decision that people ever make. A tiny home will force you to question what you truly need to be happy in the best way possible. It is also an extremely practical solution for those looking for a less expensive, but long-term housing option. Moreover, building a tiny home of your own will allow you to customize it to your needs and personal style, without the expense of a full-size home. Read on to learn how to choose a tiny house builder, and to begin living the life of your dreams.

What to Look for in a Tiny House Builder

There are several key components to a good tiny house builder that can help you narrow down your options. In compiling a list of potential builders, as well as meeting one-on-one with them, it is important to make sure they check all of these boxes.

1. Make Sure They are a Specialist

Though many tiny houses may appear similar to a smaller version of a normal home, they often require certain features that normal homes do not. Therefore, it is important to choose someone who specializes in tiny home building in order to avoid any mishaps down the road. This way, they can present you with a floor plan and subsequent build that includes the appropriate hook-ups, storage, and specifications that your tiny home will need.

2. Ask to See Their Portfolio

The next step in the finding the right home builder is to inquire how many homes they have built, and how long they have built. In the event that they are telling the truth, they should be able to present yours with a full portfolio of their best or most recent work. This can also give you ideas for different tiny home features.

3. Consider Their Typical Designs

Different home builders will usually have different floor plans, and you can generally add to these with little house customs to make it your own. As well, though there are popular designs in the tiny home industry, you may find that each builder has a particular expertise or style, and this should be considered when picking the one that is right for you.

4. Get as Many Details as Possible

Collect as much information as you can from a potential builder, whether that be from an in-person consultation or a phone call. This will help you determine which builders give you the best estimates, cost wise and time wise for your future tiny home.

5. Check Their References and Reputation

The last step in choosing the right tiny home builder is to check their references and reputation. Most builders will willingly provide you with a few of their recent clients, who in turn can inform you about the company’s work. Another way to evaluate a builder is to ask around for people’s experiences, as well as checking their online reputation and ratings.

What Are the Most Important Things to Splurge on When Building a Tiny Home?

When building a tiny home, splurging on essential elements is crucial. While it may be tempting to cut costs, investing in certain areas can make a significant difference. Prioritize high-quality insulation, durable and efficient appliances, and space-saving storage solutions. These factors enhance comfort, energy efficiency, and functionality, ultimately ensuring a pleasant living experience in your compact haven.

Build the Best Tiny Home

The reality of the tiny house industry is that there is an abundance of great builders out there, but their success will greatly depend on your design ideas and floorplan. While it is important to reaffirm the reputation of a house builder, make sure to go with a company or person that you feel confident in. To learn more about building a tiny house, read our article on seven things to know before beginning the build.

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