Why Tiny Houses Make Great Vacation Rentals

Are you considering purchasing a vacation home as an investment and as a means of generating passive income? If so, consider building a tiny house on a great piece of land. A tiny home may not be what you first envision when you think vacation rental, but there are several reasons why these little houses make a great investment.

Tiny Houses Are Trendy

Tiny homes are extremely popular right now. It’s hard to go a week without seeing something about these little houses on the news, TV or in an online ad. Building and permanently living in a tiny home is not for everyone, but there are plenty of people that want to experience the lifestyle. Tiny house vacation rentals allow them to do just that – live in a small house for several days, a week, or even longer. The trick is to market your vacation rental to the right customer. Promote your tiny vacation rental as a chance of a lifetime that offers the opportunity to experience the tiny house lifestyle.

Tiny Houses Are Affordable

Affordability is one of the best benefits of building a small house vacation rental. You can build a tiny vacation home for just a fraction of the cost of purchasing a more traditional vacation rental. Lower costs equate to a smaller down payment and lower mortgage payments. Typically maintenance and utility costs are also lower for tiny homes — as low as $10/month, according to Tumbleweed Houses. All in all, tiny homes have the potential to provide a great return on your investment.

What are the Benefits of Having a Tiny Home in Your Backyard for Vacation Rental Purposes?

Renting out a tiny home backyard addition for vacations can offer numerous benefits. It provides an extra source of income while allowing you to maintain privacy in your main house. Guests can enjoy the unique experience of staying in a cozy and eco-friendly space, offering a change from traditional vacation rentals. Moreover, managing a vacation rental in your backyard gives you the flexibility to control bookings and provide personalized hospitality to your guests.

How to Transform a Tiny House into a Vacation Rental

Decorate Smart When transforming a tiny house into a vacation rental, you want to think comfort. Spend a little extra on purchasing a quality mattress and comfortable seating. Not only will these high-quality furnishings hold up better over time, but they will provide comfortable accommodations for your guests. You will also want to pay special attention to the decor of your rental. Eye-catching images go a long way toward attracting vacationers to your property. Since tiny homes have limited space, look for decor that is also functional. For example, you can use sliding barn doors to cover closets and other storage spaces. Similarly, look for attractive features that add to the value and comfort of the property.  Provide Amenities In addition to providing comfortable furniture and interesting design features, you should also work to provide home comforts. SMBYO.com advises providing cable TV, a washer/dryer, basic kitchen appliances, a full bathroom, and high-speed internet. Don’t forget fresh bed linens and towels! Now is the perfect time to invest in a tiny house vacation home. Since tiny homes are smaller and less cumbersome to build, they can be completed in just a matter of weeks. The first step is to find the perfect location for your little house and then select the right floor plan design. Once your home is built, all you need to do to start generating income is to decorate your home and to list your vacation rental online.