Top 5 Tiny House Kits On The Market Today

Americans love the tiny house movement. There are several T.V. shows devoted to tiny homes. And tons of Americans are considering tiny home ownership over traditional home ownership!

Tiny homes are less expensive to build and maintain. And tiny home dwellers are more likely to own their own homes compared to people living in traditional homes.

No mortgage and low property taxes frees up a lot of extra income for your family!

Keep reading to learn about the best tiny house kits on the market!

Top 5 Tiny House Kits

Tiny home kits vary significantly in price and features. Some units arrive move-in ready. While others require you to assemble the home yourself.

Check out our top 5 favorite tiny home kits!

1. Escape Vintage

The ESCAPE Vintage model is great if you’re looking for a tiny home with a classic Americana vibe. The Vintage boasts tons natural light from a dozen large windows.

At a modest 313 square feet, the Vintage still feels like a full-size home. There is a large bathroom with a shower tub. And a full kitchen with a normal-sized refrigerator.

Every unit arrives turn-key. And ESCAPE doesn’t currently sell plans for any of their models.

2. 16′ Arched Cabins

Arched Cabins have a rustic vibe and gorgeous vaulted ceilings. And kits are available in over 20 colors.

Arched Cabins are ideal for DIY lovers. Each kit comes with detailed instructions. And you always have the option to have technicians build the outer-shell for you.

The 16′ wide Arched Cabin is the perfect tiny home. This 384 sq. foot tiny house is large enough to accommodate two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen.

3. Koda

Koda designs sleek pre-fabricated homes. And it only takes seven hours to construct each 269 sq. foot house!

Each unit has a stunning modern design complete with large windows. Also, every Koda unit has a full bathroom and kitchen. And every home comes outfitted with the latest smart house features.

Koda units are also environmentally-friendly. Every unit includes solar panels and excellent insulation.

4. Green Magic Home

Are you looking for a unique tiny house? Look no further than Green Magic Home!

Green Magic Home designs partially underground tiny homes covered with grass. Durable polymer pods create a modular home capable of withstanding the weight of the grass overhead.

Their site offers six different tiny house kits.

And every unit comes with a kitchen and bathroom. So these cute little homes would make an ideal primary residence. Or a magical backyard guest house!

5. Modern Shed

Modern Shed’s largest design is an ideal tiny home! This 240 sq foot kit is a DIY dream — it arrives unassembled.

Modern Shed units are not pre-fabricated. And they don’t include any plumbing, fixtures, or electricity. But they will predrill studs and install special framework in the floor to make it easier to add wiring and plumbing later.

Modern Shed is the perfect option for people who really want to build their tiny home.

Build Your Tiny Home Today!

Tiny homes offer all the comforts of a modern home — on a much smaller scale. Investing in a tiny home can be your key to financial freedom. Or an amazing addition to your home.

Tiny house kits make it easy to build your ideal home. What do you think about these tiny home kits? Leave us a comment below!