Why You Should Build a Tiny Home in Your Backyard

Tiny houses are popular for their efficiency and economic way of living. Even better, tiny houses fit every place—even in your backyard. You may not have thought about building a tiny home on your property, but there are several ways to use a tiny house that just might make your life easier.

Add Living Space

Families grow and change, and life events often require more living space than you have in your house. If grandma’s moving in or your college-aged child is coming back home, a tiny house might be just the right thing. It provides all the comforts of home but with added privacy and independence. 

Even without people moving in, it can be nice to have a quiet place away from the rest of the family. For a writer, artist, or other hobbyist, a backyard tiny home can be the perfect retreat. You can easily create an office for a home-based business that allows you to see clients in a more private setting.

Rent it Out

A tiny home can provide you with additional income if you rent it out. You may consider a long-term tenant or use it for a vacation rental, especially if you live near a popular tourist destination. Renting a tiny home would involve the same processes as renting out any other home.

Creating a screening process is critical for choosing the best tenants. You want to rent to someone who will pay on time and treat your house well. Requiring an application, credit check, and background check will help eliminate risky tenants.

Make Space for Guests

You may not have an extra bedroom for guests. Sleeping on a pull-out sofa or on an air mattress on the living room floor can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for everyone. Their suitcases are all over, and sharing a bathroom can be a nightmare.

Imagine the advantage of directing your guests to the tiny house in your backyard, where they’ll have everything they need, including their own bathroom. You can equip the house with Wifi and include a TV for your guests to use. Your guests will feel like they’re on vacation.

Whatever your needs, a tiny house can be furnished and equipped for a variety of purposes. All you need is a little imagination. A tiny home may be small, but it can provide huge advantages if it’s right in your own backyard.

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