4 Essential Interior Design Tips for Your Tiny House

Have you ever been to a trailer park? If you can say you have, I don’t think you ever could call one stylish. At all. They’re usually cluttered, dirty, sprawled out, and radiate a feeling of distaste (a bit of a generalization, but you get the picture). For any tiny house owner looking for small space design, a trailer park is a scene from a nightmare. So how do you stuff the interior of a 4,000 square foot home in a space just 1/10th of the size? It’s easy – just follow these four tips:

1. Light it up

Unless you want your living space to look and feel like a closet, you need to do as much as you can to bring a little light in. Like everything else about your home, you need to use everything you got. Start off with natural light, and lots of it. If you can, keep your windows unobstructed, and always try to have the curtains back. This will give your place a nice glow, and maybe help you feel a little happier too (vitamin D is essential!). Then, work in some subtle lamps. Look for bright but mellow lights, and have them positioned, so they cast as little shadow as possible. Your space will feel like a warm hobbit hole in no time (Lord of the Rings reference, of course). Finally, go crazy with color. Throw in some yellow, light blue, green, etc. Whether it be sheets, drapes, carpet, or walls, try to spice it up with some lighter colors to fill the space in.

2. Versatility is Essential

This one should be obvious – make your space count. For example, instead of buying a microwave, fridge, and freezer, get a combination of all three. Not only will it save you space, but it’ll also save you money. You can do this for a bunch of items, the coolest of which could be your bed. Space is currency, so be thrifty.

3. Small Space Design with COMFORT

Another thing to avoid is making your home feel like a Cold War-era space shuttle. Space is not attractive or efficient. Neither is cramming it with whatever you have lying around. Instead, work on filling your space to the brim, but make it comfortable. Make sure everything is as functional as possible, but don’t forget to leave enough room to get cozy. This really boils down to incorporating items like comfortable rugs or couches, as well as building your home with ‘warm feeling’ materials (light wood, less metal, plush curtains, etc.). You have to live in it, so you might as well enjoy it.

4. Storage

The make or break moment. How do you cram all your stuff into your new space? This is the exact point that most tiny homes go from cozy to the trailer park (remember, we’re avoiding that). To keep from crossing that line, try your best to get rid of what you don’t need, and try to find a place for what you do. An easy rule to follow is that if you don’t have the perfect place for it, you don’t need it.

How Can Interior Design Impact the Plumbing of a Tiny House?

When it comes to tiny house plumbing, interior design choices can have a significant impact. Maximizing space without compromising functionality is crucial. Utilizing compact fixtures, such as small sinks and space-saving toilets, can optimize the layout. Additionally, creative storage solutions can make accessing and maintaining the plumbing system easier. Incorporating these tiny house plumbing tips ensures efficient water usage and a well-designed interior.

Tie it all Together

With a combination of these four points, it should be easy to create a warm, livable space that does NOT feel like a trailer park. For more small space design tips and ideas, feel free to get in contact with us, or check out some of our interior design ideas for tiny houses!