How to Balance Luxury and Tiny Home Minimalism

Living in a tiny home can be inexpensive, but it does not mean you have to sacrifice comfort and style. With a few considerations like color, storage, and light, you can make your intimate tiny home feel like a mansion. 


With the right paint color, even a tiny house can look spacious and inviting. White is a great choice and is a classic for a reason. It’s versatile and it goes with everything while making the space seem bright, clean, and open. Since it makes decorating easier, it’s the perfect color to pair with dark furniture and accents.  Consider an accent wall to set off the look and create a unique room. Greens, blues and even yellow accent walls can brighten the room without losing the look of space that the white walls give the room. If an entire accent wall is too much, create contrast by painting a pattern like stripes on one wall or paint only the border in a bolder color. 

Natural Light

Letting more light into your tiny home can give it a cleaner, peaceful, and more luxurious feel. First, make sure that nothing is blocking the light that is already available from your windows. Get rid of heavy, dark curtains in favor of lighter ones. If you have furniture that is blocking part of a window, replace it with something smaller or move it away from the window a few inches.   To let in more light without taking up any space, replace your solid front door with one that has a window. Hang some mirrors on the wall opposite the windows to bounce sunshine around the room. If you are in the planning stages or working on a tiny home renovation, consider adding a skylight or two. 

Can I Achieve a Luxurious Tiny Home on a Budget?

Achieving a luxurious tiny home on a budget is indeed possible. By prioritizing your needs and getting creative with materials and designs, building a tiny home on a budget becomes feasible. Opting for cost-effective solutions, repurposing materials, and utilizing minimalist principles can help create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. With careful planning and resourcefulness, building a tiny home on budget doesn’t mean compromising on the luxurious feel.

Storage Space

Storage space is possibly the biggest challenge in tiny homes. The trick is to utilize every available space with as many functions as possible.  Furniture should do double work. Coffee tables should have storage space underneath. Hidden space under the bed can be used for storing clothes and shoes. Built a bedroom loft and have the stairs leading to it that double as storage boxes.  Is your tiny home parked in a permanent spot? There are many inexpensive shed options available to store your outdoor items, Christmas decorations, athletic gear, or anything else you don’t use regularly.  Tiny homes can deliver on big comfort. With a little creativity and a few ideas, you will be able to create the perfect balance between luxury and minimalism. Get started on your own tiny house today!