How to Create the Outdoor Space on your Tiny Home Lot

Tiny homes are all the rage nowadays. Minimal living is in, and many people are realizing that by optimizing the way they use their space, they can live a fruitful life in a much smaller space. But there is one major downside to tiny homes that can be a bummer is that they often lack robust outdoor spaces like a lawn. But if you are willing to get a little creative, you can give yourself a lovely outdoor space on your tiny home lot. Here are a few ideas to help get you started. 

Plant Trees

While you may not have room on your tiny home lot for a great big oak tree, there are plenty of smaller trees that would go perfectly well in your tiny home lot. Planting a few trees in your yard can give your tiny home a sense of warmth and life. Fruit trees, like lemon, lime, apple, and pear trees, are great additions to a tiny house lot that won’t dwarf your home or make your outdoor space look disproportionate. Try planting one or two and see how it brings your tiny house lot to life. 

Add a Patio

Patios aren’t just for huge houses that have massive lawns. You can put in a tiny patio to match your tiny home to give you the perfect minimalist space to lounge outdoors. All you need is a good few square feet of space to put in a concrete or stone patio, and a nice lounge chair or loveseat and you’re all set. All you need to do is decorate your patio to give it a little pizzazz and some comfort. A patio that feels balanced and natural to your home can give your outdoor space something special on your tiny home lot. 

Add Outdoor Lights

An outdoor space is only usable when it has light, and the sun and moon can only do so much. You can make your tiny home lot feel like a beautiful yard with the addition of some simple lights. Whether you prefer hanging string lights across poles, or setting out tiki torches, or even just installing some lamps on the front of your tiny house, by giving a proper dose of lighting to your yard, you give yourself the opportunity to explore your outdoor space at any time of day. 

Use Sustainable Landscaping Techniques

One of the many appeals of tiny homes is the smaller carbon footprint and environmental impact on our earth as compared to full sized homes. So why not extend the environmental consciousness to your outdoor space too? There are tons of creative ways to give yourself a lawn space that has a low environmental impact. One of the favorites that has been gaining popularity in recent years is a gravel lawn as opposed to a traditional grass lawn. There are many types of gravel that can take the place of a water-intensive lawn. With so many options, you can find the right kind of gravel that will compliment your house, and help you save water by having a lawn that doesn’t require watering. 

Get a Small Fire Pit

There are few things that make an outdoor space as fun and usable as a fire pit. Gathering friends around a fire for games, music, and conversation is a great time no matter what time of year it is. And luckily, you don’t have to have a costly installation to have a fire pit, there are plenty of portable fire pit options that are aesthetically pleasing, safe, and easy to use. There are gas burning and fire burning fire pit options as well so you can use whatever you are most comfortable with. So grab some friends, make some s’mores and enjoy the outdoor space of your tiny home lot. 

Decorate for the Holidays

Holiday decorations make any home feel full, vibrant, and joyous. And just because your tiny home lot is smaller than a traditional lot doesn’t mean there’s no room for plenty of festive decorations. Put our holiday themed signs, lights, and other decorations to get your tiny house in the holiday spirit. Having a decorative outside can bring your tiny home lot a vibrant pick-me-up and help you use the space smartly and creatively. Don’t knock it till you try it. 

Start a Garden

A home with a garden is a home where patience and care are valued. Plus, having a home garden can be great for the environment, and help you save money on groceries by using the food you grow yourself. A tiny home lot is the perfect space for a small garden to grow things like tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, herbs, carrots, and any other fruit or veggie that your heart desires and the climate allows for. Gardens bring a pop of color to your lot, while also being wonderfully aesthetic and a worthwhile investment. Throw a few flowers in too for an extra splash of beauty and grace in your garden. 

Install a Fountain or Sculpture

A tiny home lot is the perfect space to showcase a beautiful fountain or sculpture. A sculpture or fountain can command a small yard space, like those offered on tiny home lots, while making for a beautiful addition to your lot. A single fountain or sculpture is often enough for a tiny home lot, so make sure you pick something that you love and want displayed. Fountains and sculptures are an elegant and sophisticated way to create an outdoors space for your tiny home that you can love for years to come. 

Tiny homes are a fantastic new way to live by maximizing space and minimizing environmental impact. But the yard spaces on tiny homes don’t always have something special to make them pop. But with a little creativity and some work you can create a vibrant and livable outdoor space for your tiny home lot that looks great and makes you feel wonderful. Give an idea on this list a try to bring your outdoor space to life.

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