How to Make Your Tiny Home Feel More Inviting from the Outside

Tiny homes are affordable, minimalistic, easy to maintain, and eco-friendly. For those reasons and more, they also continue to increase in popularity. However, some are still a little skeptical of all the benefits tiny homes have to offer. You can make your tiny home feel more inviting from the outside by picking the right color, adding plans, and adding an outdoor living space.

Pick the Right Color

Because of their size, tiny homes are much more forgiving when you go with bold and bright colors. A tiny home holds a lot of personality. Show those that come to visit you your personality by expressing yourself with the interior and exterior color choices. Express your creativity with different colored trim, bright colored doors, or a simple yet sophisticated neutral pallet. Picking the right color for your home will communicate a lot about its owner and provide a homy element traditional homes cannot give.

Add Plants

Tiny homes are the perfect structure to be surrounded by beautiful landscaping. Planting various plants will add dimension and color to your property. Adding plants can also be a cost effective, eco-friendly way of fulfilling multiple purposes. Plants can give you an excuse to spend more time outside, give you produce, and even act as a natural repellent for pests and rodents. Some plants are known to repel mosquitoes and other pests. Adding plants to your landscape will help your home look more purposeful and substantial.

Add an Outdoor Living Space

Part of living in a tiny home means you don’t have all the space a traditional home has. Instead, you get to be creative about the spaces you create and use them for multiple functions. As an extension of your tiny home, you can build a small deck or porch. A deck will improve your lifestyle by giving you space to have guests over. A deck can act as a bridge between the outdoor and indoor living area and be used for multiple purposes. Spending time outside, especially in the warmer months, is very beneficial to your health and the perfect place to host when people come visit.

A tiny home offers functionality and simplicity. With your home you can create a relaxing and inviting environment for all who visit. Make your tiny home more inviting on the outside by adding features to show your personality and encourage a passerby to stop for a visit.

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