How to Make Your Tiny Home Feel More Secure

Just like any other home, your tiny home deserves proper security. Since it’s smaller, people may feel it’s easier to get into or even steal it. With the right security measures, you can protect your home, your belongings, and yourself. 

Install Cameras 

Having security cameras is beneficial for two reasons. First, they can act as a deterrent. If someone sees a home that has security cameras, they know there’s a risk of them being caught on film and they are less likely to break into or rob a home. Second, security cameras allow you to recover what happens around your home. 

If something is damaged or stolen, you can review the footage and see exactly what happened. You can even choose to include security cameras in your tiny house as another perspective. Having cameras can provide you with more security since you know your home is always being watched. 

Add Exterior Lighting 

In your tiny home, you might be primarily focused on making the inside feel nice and cozy. This can lead to people missing out on including exterior lights. Outdoor lights can really make a difference. Simply having lights creates a sense of safety

You can see outside your home and people are less inclined to approach it at night. Not only does outdoor lighting make your home safer, but it can also make it feel more inviting at night. It creates a more pleasant atmosphere so you can feel comfortable wherever you are. 

Increase Your Privacy 

Having a lot of windows is a great way to let in natural light and make your space feel bigger. However, they can also be a security issue. You want to increase your privacy in your tiny home. Add some blinds, shutters, or curtains to put over your windows. These provide you with much-needed privacy and they can act as a security measure for your tiny home. Covered windows make it harder for people to look into your home. In addition to adding covers to your windows, you should improve your locks and make sure your home is always secured. If your tiny home is on wheels, you should include measures such as a coupler hitch lock. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes. If you live in a tiny home, you should still engage in the same security measures that keep other homes safe. A proper security system can help you feel reassured that your home is secure. 

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