How to Keep Your Tiny Home Always Smelling Fresh

Living in a tiny home is a great way to minimalize your life and simplify. Once you move into a tiny home, you want to make sure you create a pleasant living space. This includes making your home smell nice all the time.

Clean Regularly

There are a lot of smells that can develop in a home and often these smells occur because areas of the home have been ignored or not recently clean. For example, if you have a garbage disposal, there is a lot of old food that might not be cleaned out. Over time, this won’t smell great. According to Southern Management, you should have a regular cleaning routine to eliminate any potential for smells to develop around your home. Make sure you clean surfaces, refresh carpets, and pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom areas in your home. As a bonus, you can use cleaning supplies with pleasant scents that can replace any bad odors.

Don’t Leave Food Out

The thing about tiny homes is there is less room for smells to diffuse into the air. So, the smell of rotten food will permeate your entire home. You want to avoid leaving out any food as this just creates the opportunity for it to go bad and start smelling. Make sure you properly store all your food. Keep things in the fridge if needed so they stay fresh. Keeping your food put away can also help reduce other problems. According to Proterra, storing food in airtight containers will help you avoid an ant infestation. Inviting pests into your home will make things much worse and likely the pests will bring even more smells.

Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

To make your home smell good, introduce good scents. An oil diffuser is a great way to do this. There are a variety of oils to choose from that help to create a relaxing, stimulating, or energizing environment. According to the Tiny House Expedition, using an essential oil diffuser will also bring many benefits besides good smells. Certain oils can help to improve respiratory symptoms to help you breathe better. There are others that help to reduce stress. Better yet, some essential oils can even help you sleep better. Since your space is so small, you can reap maximum benefits.

A tiny home helps take away a lot of other problems in your life. However, it also comes along with some challenges. To make your time in your tiny home even better, make sure you find ways to keep it smelling fresh.

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