How to Protect Your Tiny Home From the Elements

Having a tiny home has a lot of advantages, but it’s essential to make sure your home is protected from the elements. Besides having the right insurance to cover your home, you need to make sure it is designed and built in a way that can keep it safe in any conditions.

Sealing Your Home

Water inside of any home is a problem, and damage can occur even faster in a tiny home. That’s why it’s important to seal the windows and roof to keep all water out. A leak in a tiny home can spread and ruin the entire interior in a short amount of time. Mold is also an issue if water seeps into your home. Tiny homes also need proper insulation to keep out the cold. You can choose from a variety of options when insulating. Spray foam, fiberglass and denim insulation are all common choices. You may choose to put in insulation yourself since there’s not as much space to cover in a tiny home. However, it is possible to hire someone else to perform this job if you want a professional approach.

Securing Your Home

Many tiny homes don’t rest on a foundation. This makes them vulnerable when big storms or high winds occur. Luckily, there are ways to secure your tiny home to try to minimize damage. Heavy-duty straps placed around trees or in the ground can help your tiny home remain standing when the weather is rough. It’s also important to consider your roof since major hail or winds can rip shingles off the home. Installing each roof shingle with an adhesive seal can reduce the chance your roof will be damaged by natural elements.

Protecting Your Pipes

You don’t want to deal with a frozen or busted pipe due to falling temperatures. Your tiny home should be built with this in mind and pipes shouldn’t be placed on the exterior part of your house. They lack protection when temperatures drop below freezing. It’s also essential to choose the best pipes you can find for small homes. These should be durable and able to withstand cold temperatures. Insulate your pipes or wrap them in special heat tape when it’s time for winter to arrive. Busted pipes mean you will lose access to your water supply and suffer damage throughout your home.

With a little preparation, you can make sure your tiny home can stand up to the elements. These tips can help you ensure a cozy home all year round.

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