How to Spend More Time Outdoors on Your Tiny Home Property

There are many benefits of spending time outdoors—both mental and physical. No matter how large (or tiny) your house is, there are plenty of ways to maximize your exterior space. Doing the following things will dramatically increase your overall satisfaction with where you live

Start a Garden

One of the first things you can do is to start a garden. Planting a garden is not only satisfying, but cost-effective, eco-friendly, and an educational experience. To get started, think of the fruits and vegetables that you eat most often and that are best suited for the environment you live in. There are plenty of vegetable gardening options that are fairly easy to succeed with.

Maintaining your garden will give you a fresher and higher quality harvest than what you would otherwise purchase at the store. If you are concerned about space, you may consider planting a wall garden, which will yield similarly successful results. Working with your hands will provide plenty of fulfillment when you see the fruits (and vegetables) of your labors.

Create a Small Patio

An outdoor patio is a great addition to any outdoor living space. Wood, stone, or otherwise, there are numerous types of patios you can build as an enhancement to your tiny home. The furniture you include can also add a lot of dimension and purpose to your patio space. When building and furnishing, always consider your environment. Make sure your chairs are made of weather-proof material, as direct sunlight can damage wood furniture. Thoughtfully planning and maintaining your space will ensure it remains an enjoyable place of relaxation for many years.

Build a Deck

As an extension of your house, you can build a small, practical deck. A deck can serve as an additional room with the added benefit of fresh air. As a general rule, your deck should be in proportion to your home and patio. The deck will act as a bridge between the outdoor and the indoor living space. To enhance the flow of this bridge, you might want to consider creating steps or levels which transition from the exit point of the house down to the patio area. Doing so will create an excellent aesthetic for entertaining and relaxing.

Create a Rooftop Platform

Building a rooftop platform or deck is another excellent, not to mention fun, way to utilize the space your home provides. It is best to include this feature when you are building your tiny home, but there are plenty of creative ways to add one-on after the fact.

Things to consider when under construction are your inspiration pictures, access points, safety features, and the primary use of this area. Whether it is sipping your morning coffee or watching the sunset, a rooftop platform can be the perfect oasis for you without leaving your home.

Extend Your Kitchen

Living in a tiny home limits your capacity to have a large, open kitchen. No kitchen will ever be as large, or as open as one outside. Creating an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to cook and entertain. One idea is to install a stove or grill area with counter space nearby. A firepit can also be an entertaining way to cook food and socialize. No matter how many guests you have over, there will be plenty of space for food and entertaining on those perfect summer nights.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Part of creating space for entertainment is by designating multipurpose outdoor living spaces. Either on your deck, patio, or elsewhere, plan to have multiple ways you can sit back and socialize with others. Also, consider using those same areas for dining when selecting the accompanying outdoor furniture. For example, your patio can serve as your outdoor kitchen, dining, and living rooms. When you create a space that can be occupied just as easily as your indoor living space, you are much more likely to spend time outdoors in open spaces and fresh air.

Flower Garden

Apart from a vegetable garden would be planting a type of flower garden. Flower gardens are an inexpensive, eco-friendly way to add charm and curb appeal to your home. You give a lot of dimension to your home with the added splash of color planting flowers provides. Pollinators, like bees and butterflies, are attracted to the bright colors and will enhance the production of both your flower and vegetable gardens. Additionally, the beautiful colors and sweet smells that come from a flower garden are known to improve your cognitive and emotional health. With so many benefits, a flower garden is the perfect thing to have in front of your home.

Relaxation Area

The final suggestion for spending more time outdoors on your property is to designate a place that is just for you. Just like how a bedroom can be a secluded place, safe from contamination of the outside world, an area intended for your complete relaxation can also be a haven.

Find what relaxes and keeps your mind clear. Perhaps this area already exists, if it does commit to keeping it that way. Your Zen garden or relaxation chair will be the perfect place to escape your worries and experience harmony.

Living in a tiny home is all about maximizing your space. People often fail to recognize that their space extends to their property line. By creating enjoyable places to spend time outside, you significantly increase your square footage and the utility of your living space.

Whatever you decide to do to enhance your property, keep in mind that the area should be a reflection of who you are. Write a list of things you enjoy doing, then brainstorm ways you can do them outside. You may be surprised at how many ways you can enjoy being outside when you create that space. Doing so will dramatically increase your living potential and give you the added Vitamin D so many people today lack.

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