Why You Should Add More Greenery to Your Tiny Home Property

Making your tiny home feel less “tiny” and more “homey” can be as simple as, believe it or not, adding plants! Plants in your home space and around your tiny house can actually improve the feel of your space significantly. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy from adding greenery to your property.

Grow Your Own Food

Growing your own produce and herbs doesn’t have to require a large garden space! Small garden boxes are not only easy to manage, but provide you with organic fruits and vegetables that add a nutritious element to your diet, as well as further the goal of sustainable living. According to Milorganite, window boxes, vertical gardening, and container gardening are all easy ways to condense a garden area into a small space. Also, microgreens, herbs, scallions, strawberries and even spinach can all thrive in an indoor environment, as long as they receive the proper amount of sunlight and water.

Keep Away Unwanted Insects

Keep unwanted pests out of your home and outdoor living area using plants! This is surprising to many, as bugs seem to be drawn to plants and foliage as a source of food or shelter. However, some plants act as a deterrent for these bugs, so placing them around your tiny house and windows is a great idea. According to Proterra Pest Control, placing mint, citronella, or eucalyptus plants near your patio can keep insects away. In fact, strong smelling plants in general—including lavender, petunias, or lemongrass—are unpleasant for bugs like mosquitos, flies, slugs, and aphids. Combine the aesthetic interest and variety of unique plants with the functional benefit of bug prevention!

Improve Your Mood

Plants have been proven to boost the serotonin production in the brain, relieving stress and promoting positive, happy thoughts. Small spaces can often feel cluttered and constraining—you can combat these potential stressors with greenery that provides quality air flow and vibrant color, and even releases healthy particles into the air that improves overall health and wellness. According to Wren Kitchens, some of the most popular indoor plants for this purpose include aloe vera, snake plants, peacock plants and succulents. Whether you want a plant that requires more attention, or one that mostly takes care of itself, you can find some indoor foliage that you will love and that will love you back.

A tiny home is a chance to downsize, so additions you do make shouldn’t be material. A plant is a small commitment with a whole lot of benefits, however, and is perfect for people trying to live a sustainable, minimalistic life. Utilize these many benefits of plants for your space and enjoy the additional fresh food, lack of pests, and mood boost that they provide!

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